Maksymenko  Sergyi Dmytrovitch is the Head of the Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine, full member (academician) of NAPS of Ukraine,  Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Honored Worker of  Science and Technology of Ukraine, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Psychology, Age Physiology,  Defectology of NAPS of Ukraine, the Dean of Faculty of Medical Psychology of Bohomolets National Medical University, full member of the International Council of Psychologists (USA), foreign member of the Russian academy of Education (RAE), full member of European Academy of Natural Sciences(FRG, Hanover), the Head of the Society of Psychologists of Ukraine, the Head of the Advisory Board of  Psychology Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine, the member  of scientific-methodical Councils of the Main Civil Service of Ukraine, of the State Department of Ukraine on Execution of Sentences, of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, of the national Expert Commission on Public Morality, full member of the Advisory Board for Humanities and Social Sciences at the State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine.


Sergyi  Dmytrovitch is the author of the 640 scientific works, including 26 monographs, 17 manuals and 32 tutorials, the author of the first manual “Psychology of Personality” in Ukraine and manuals for the higher school – “General Psychology”(4 reissues in Ukrainian, 7 reissues in Russian and English), “Experimental Psychology”, “Military Psychology”,  “Genetic Psychology”, ‘Medical Psychology”, “Pathopsychology” etc. Supervised 38 Doctors of Psychology and 178 Candidates of Psychology.

He is a  well-known scientist in General, Genetic, Medical, Developmental, Educational Psychology and Methodology and theory of developmental education. He developed and justified principles of the experimental -genetic and genetic -modeling method.

Formative and diagnostic methods developed by  S. D.  Maksymenko are included in the European Bank of Research Procedures in the field of longitudinal studies at the Max Planck Institute (Munich). As a member of the International Council of Psychologists, S.D.Maksymenko coordinates the research concerning  the development and usage of experimental methods in the field of education and personal development. There was created Scientific School of Genetic Psychology based on the series of theoretical and experimental studies and genetic-modeling method under the guidance of S. D. Maksymenko.

Sergyi Dmytrovitch was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor", "For Merits” III degree (2004), "For Merits” II degree (2011), medals "For Honest Work" and Albert Schweitzer European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany, Hannover ), Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Maksymenko S. D, is the Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 2010.