2.1. The main purpose of the Association is a consolidation of doctors-psychologists, researchers, students enrolled in the relevant specialty in Ukraine to meet and protect their legitimate social, economic, creative, age and other interests, promoting specialty of doctor-psychologist in Ukraine.

2.2. The objectives of the Association are:

2.2.1. Consolidation and coordination the efforts of doctors- psychologists in order to promote the establishment of the medical psychologist profession, strengthening its social prestige in Ukraine;

2.2.2. Promoting distinguishing priority issues of formation and development of the doctor-psychologist profession in Ukraine;

2.2.3. Participation in the formation of the younger generation of specialists in medical psychology and psychotherapy;

2.2.4. Promoting doctor-psychologist’s practice in medical institutions, enterprises (associations), organizations and sectors of the economy of Ukraine;

2.2.5. Setting the system of rapid exchange of information relating to the professional doctor-psychologist`s activities among members of the Association and bringing the necessary data to the society;

2.2.6. Fostering the systematic mechanism of doctors-psychologists and their associations cooperation with relevant ministries, agencies, departments, state committees, research institutions and committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, city and regional councils and other local authorities;

2.2.7. Representation and protection of interests of its members in solving legal, economic and organizational issues in state authorities, public and scientific organizations;

2.2.8. Assistance to the patient in treatment, rehabilitation and prevention, to raise the level of medical and social assistance; Providing psychological (medical and psychological) and social assistance.

2.2.9. Establishing and implementing cooperation with other medical specialties and their associations at the local, national and international levels;

2.2.10. Promoting the creation of modern effective national health system in Ukraine.

2.3. To accomplish the goals and objectives of the Association have the legally established order to act in the following areas:

2.3.1. Comprehensive support of doctors-psychologists, researchers, students enrolled in the relevant specialty in Ukraine;

2.3.2. Conducting specialized studies and research work both independently and in cooperation with other organizations and institutions;

2.3.3. Analysis of key issues, challenges, processes of reforms in the field of medical-psychological education, labor culture, social formation and development of students, young professionals and scientists in medical psychology profile; Development and introduction to ministries, educational and research institutions and local governments at all levels the proposals, based on the results of such analysis.

2.3.4. Fostering system mechanism of implementing the training programs of medical psychologists in government and administration, health care, local government, non-governmental organizations, business sector;

2.3.5. Promoting Ukrainian doctors-psychologists in employment;

2.3.6. Participation in the creation of the necessary infrastructure (physical, technical, etc) of doctors-psychologists and their associations;

2.3.7. Participation in the conduction and organization of congresses, conferences, meetings, schools, training courses and other events - independently or jointly with other organizations;

2.3.8. Participation in the exercise of information and analytical work to provide affordable and quality medical-psychological care for every citizen of Ukraine;

2.3.9. Promoting professional development, training, implementation of scientific and educational programs and projects for students and doctors-psychologists;

2.3.10. Cooperation with educational institutions of Ukraine are preparing doctors-psychologists, profile research institution, impacting shaping the standards of medical-psychological education in Ukraine;

2.3.11. Helpng patient to overcome the difficulties associated with the disease (diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention);


2.4. To ensure the goals and objectives of its activity the Association has the right in accordance with the law:

2.4.1. to be a party in civil law relations, to acquire property and non-property rights under the law;

2.4.2. to base mass media to achieve its statutory objectives (goals);

2.4.3. to disseminate information about its activities to promote their goal(s) freely;

2.4.4. to appeal (in accordance with the law,) to public authorities, the authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local governments, their officials and officers with the suggestions (comments) applications (petitions), complaints;

2.4.5. to take part (in accordance with the law) in the drafting of regulations issued by public authorities, authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local authorities and related to the areas of public associations and important issues of public life;

2.4.6. to represent and protect the legitimate interests of the Association and its members in government and administration, local government and other public and private institutions, to be involved in resolving conflicts related interests of its members;

2.4.7. to establish and implement cooperation with the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, local governments and public organizations, other legal entities and individuals, both in Ukraine and abroad, to make domestic travel and to be the host party;

2.4.8. to participate and contribute to the practical implementation of national, regional, local and international programs;

2.4.9. to implement eigenvalues ​​programs and projects to participate in common with the domestic and foreign organizations programs and projects;

2.4.10. to conduct peaceful assembly;

2.4.11.  to support other associations and to assist in their establishment in ideological, organizational and financial way;

2.4.12. to create (in accordance with the law), legal entities (companies, enterprises) whose activities are consistent with the objectives of the Association and contribute to its achievement.

2.4.13. to participate in organizing and self-organizing congresses, symposiums, conferences, working seminars, meetings, schools, trainings, performing exchange of delegations;

2.4.14. to engage in research activities;

2.4.15. to get (in accordance with the law) the public information in the possession of government agencies and other public information managers;

2.4.16. to propose representatives of the Association to work state and public organizations;

2.4.17. to carry out the request to the competent authorities of state and public organizations to award and encourage members of the Association;

2.4.18. to participate in the implementation of the state regulatory policy in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Principles of Regulatory Policy in Economic Activity";

2.4.19. to take part (in accordance with the law) in the service of consulting, advisory and other subsidiary bodies formed by state authorities, authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local authorities to consult with public associations and making recommendations on issues relating to the scope of their activities;

2.4.20. to help people to overcome the difficulties associated with the disease (diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention), to provide psychological (medical-psychological) and social assistance to people who are in need.

2.4.21. to establish or join in the prescribed manner international associations, to be the founder of the international unions of associations, maintain international contacts and relations, conclude appropriate agreements and take part in activities that do not contradict international obligations and the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.4.22. using accepted in international practice forms and means of international academic exchanges, carry out (including at its own expense and in the manner prescribed by law) missions abroad, invitation and reception in Ukraine foreign students, doctors, psychologists, scientists and other professionals; to establish relations with foreign computer networks and data banks.

4.2.23. to exercise other rights not prohibited by law.